About us

Hola !

We are Bea and Daniele, inspired travel lovers.

About us

We are a Spanish-Italian couple in our early 30’s fed up with the traditional routine.

After several years spent in American multinational companies performing the drab and anonymous white-collars, we decided to eventually leave the cocoon in quest of a free, exciting lifestyle with a regained social perspective.

“No boundaries, No deadline, No prejudices”

Our goal is fourfold:

  1. Recover our inmost, genuine passions and enjoy each single moment of this wondrous adventure.
  2. Get engaged in disparate activities that could help local people and, why not, back our trip.
  3. Share our privileged angle in our blog and thus provide useful info to our followers.
  4. Completely re-think our true expectations in life and re-set our working purpose for the next years.

Please stay tuned  and contact us !

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