Key motivations

It is hard to remember where this all began, but even before knowing each other we always had this natural afflatus pushing towards the adventurous peregrination.

The spirit is all gathered in Baudelaire’s Le Voyage:

“But the true voyagers are only those who leave
Just to be leaving; hearts light, like balloons,
They never turn aside from their fatality
And without knowing why they always say: “Let’s go!”

Those whose desires have the form of the clouds,
And who, as a raw recruit dreams of the cannon,
Dream of vast voluptuousness, changing and strange,
Whose name the human mind has never known!”

Say yes to new adventures


Books like On the road and movies like Motorcycle diaries shaped our investigative minds and set the early myths.

The first trips were random skyrockets through the European planetarium: sudden departures by economy cars with a budget enough only for beers and gasoline. Trip duration 1-2 weeks. A proper viking invasion. Or even only visiting the places where our friends were living, getting cheapest accommodation and discovering the local places with the best company and host.

After the academic studies,  the approach changed and we started to constantly work and live abroad, experiencing a new form of aware integration: Spain, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Peru, Portugal and Belgium were our new homecountries, year after year.

We were part of the new Schengen economy trying to provide better opportunities for the youth and create a more competitive and efficient Pan-European job market.

On the one hand, it was a unique chance to learn new languages, build up an international CV in multinational companies, earn good money, etc. On the other, however, we started to feel more and more the looming sense of the inevitable globalization of jobs and the depersonalization of the experience. Result: countries with less and less native and big American groups linked to the new economy taking control of the overflowing job force from all the European countries.

At the beginning it was really enticing to be part of this new, international system. You felt so in line with the core values of these worldly-recognized brands. After several years spent inside, however, you realize you are just one of their 100 000 global workers performing  meaningless tiny tasks for careless and purposeless bosses.

And here we are !! We now wish to quit this apathetic environment to focus on ourserlves, on how we may change our future lives and undertake self-employed business, which hopefully and ideally can offer social benefits also to the local communities.

So we need time off to erase the ancient bond and re-think in a new perspective our inmost desires and purposes.

Among them, we  would like to achieve through and after this trip:

  • A solid awareness of our regained creative skills and potential;
  • An instrument (the blog) to fully express this awareness and assist aspiring travellers;
  • The freedom to be able to organize our own activities in a more pleasurable way;
  • The project of a future, personal business not exclusively tied to the profit logic;
  • The financial support to our trip helping the local communities.

We would also like to create a travel guide of our trip, but that we will see 🙂


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