20 + 3 + 1 NomadXpress top experiences in the Balkans

Balkans map
After almost two months spent rambling across the Balkans (from the alpine Slovenia to the mediterranean Rhodes, Greece), we wish to present you our list of the most thrilling sights and moments we have relished so far. The list goes in descending order of importance for us. At the end, you will find our 3 best gastronomic experiences, plus an extra logistic one. Feel free to...
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Paintings & Sculptures

Mica Popovic - Second Class - 1977
Here is a modest selection of art works which drew our restless attention during our visits to some museums along our creative route. Be delighted and feel free to leave a comment ! PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS SCULPTURES & INSTALLATIONS (MODERN) CLASSIC SCULPTURES
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Worldwide Cuisine

As Spanish-Italian food lovers, we couldn't help creating a section for all the different dishes and styles of cooking we are tasting during our tour.  Don't forget to click on the photos for more info! Bon appetit !!! SLOVENIA Slovenian food was the beginning of our cookery pilgrimage, where we relished our first fresh fish plate at the Lubjiana open air market, to...
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Local Beverages

Here you can find a list of the most typical lager beers in the Balkans, with the original alphabetic transcription and the city where we placidly savoured them. Enjoy !   And here a selection of the most popular raki or rakija, a distilled spirit most commonly made from plums in Serbia or grapes in Albania. Also we couldn't miss to try a glass of local-home made w...
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12 hours cycling around Lake Ohrid: between Albanian and Macedonian borders

Considered one of Europe's deepest and oldest "basins", Lake Ohrid is a pure natural beauty nestled between Macedonia and Albania. Its calm and clear waters, together with the charming views of the still, mute mountains surrounding the lake,  create an irresistible attraction to hopeful visitors from all over the world. Although the lake is constantly replenished with the f...
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