NomadXpress’ top 20 + 1 experiences in Central Asia

Central Asia by NomadXpress
In respect of our NomadXpress' tradition, after the Balkans and Middle East "Best of", here you have our personal list of tops in Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The list is not exhaustive nor following any specific ranking. It is only the spontaneous outcome of our free memory and imagination across these timeless countries still p...
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Nomadxpress’ top 10 places and experiences in TAJIKISTAN

Tajikistan - Pamir Mountains
After a couple of weeks spent in the marvellous Tajikistan – among ones of the highest peaks in the world – we came up with the following top experiences in our touching journey. To the same extent, we have also retained the heartfelt hospitality and cheerful welcome of its native people, whose genuine spirit and long-standing traditions represent at the best the “core values...
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Worldwide Cuisine

As Spanish-Italian food lovers, we couldn't help creating a section for all the different dishes and styles of cooking we are tasting during our tour.  Don't forget to click on the photos for more info! Bon appetit !!! SLOVENIA Slovenian food was the beginning of our cookery pilgrimage, where we relished our first fresh fish plate at the Lubjiana open air market, to...
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Central Asia

Central Asia by Nomadxpress
Central Asia is the beginning of the adventure for Nomadxpress. We are not going to touch all the "-stans" countries. But we hope to get involved with the local people and customs despite the comunication and weather difficulties. OUR CENTRAL ASIA LOG (July - August 2016): 01/07 - 05/07: Baku > Aktau (KAZ) - 500 km by boat, Caspian Shipping Company, 80 $, bought at ...
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