NomadXpress in JAPAN: our top 20 experiences

Traveling in Japan
A bit astray from the Silk Road (even though some later branches stretched as far as Nara and the surroundings), Japan was not indeed in our initial plans. However, after being denied the Chinese Visa in Ulaanbaatar, we came up with this overland route to arrive to Tokyo and apply there. This forced deviation turned finally out to be a pleasurable break after all the Central...
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From Russia to Japan by boat: the Vladivostok-Sakaiminato route

Boat from Russia to Japan
In order to keep being loyal to our “no planes policy”, we had to figure out how to get to Japan by boat after completing the Trans-Siberian stretch in Vladivostok. Browsing the online info, we got to know there is a year-round service that connects by sea three different countries in less than 48 hours: Russia, South Korea and Japan. The service is run by DBS Cruise Ferry, ...
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Far East

Far East by Nomadxpress
Our Silk Road trip is getting to its final stage with our solemn entry to the Far East through Mongolia. Next step will be the long-awaited China! We are now forcibly mingling parts of the ancient Marco Polo's journey with stretches beyond that experience and related to other cultural frames. Still we do not know where this section will end ... OUR FAR EAST LOG (September –...
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