Nomadxpress’ top 20 experiences in the MIDDLE EAST (Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan & Iran)

Middle East
As we did after completing the Balkans, it is now time to share our top experiences across the magic Middle East Region (including the Caucasian countries). 1. HOT AIR BALLOON FLIGHT IN CAPPADOCIA (Turkey), unmissable! 2. FERRY BOAT ACROSS THE BOSPHORUS IN ISTANBUL (Turkey), to appreciate the majestic size and sides of the city. 3.VISIT & TREKKING AT DAVIT GARE...
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How to get from Baku to Aktau by ship

cross from baku to aktau by ferry
After being denied the Turkmenistan Visa in Iran, we had to come up with a new route to be able to follow our journey on the Silk Road towards Uzbekistan. The only safe option at that moment (excluding Afghanistan and Pakistan) was across the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan, where many nationalities currently do not need Visas. Once you are in Baku, you have to f...
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How to get the Uzbekistan Visa in Teheran (IRAN) and Baku (AZERBAIJAN)

Uzbekista Visa in Teheran - Uzbekistan Visa in Baku
In order to enter Uzbekistan you need to apply in advance for a Visa, unless you come from the following countries. Visa on arrival is only viable at the airport and just if your home country has not diplomatic delegations in its territory Conversely, the best solution would be to request it in your home country, facing fewer problems and reducing waiting time on the road....
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100 + 1 true facts about Iran

Woman in metro in Teheran, Iran
After almost one month spent in the wonderful Iran, we came up with the following list of "most striking aspects" for us as European travellers. The list is halfway between objective facts and pure impressions arisen by our Western point of view. It might however be of great help for people wanting to approach this stunning country A) TRANSPORT: 1. BUSES: Buses in Iran...
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How to get the Azerbaijan Visa in Teheran, Iran

Azerbaijan Visa in Teheran, Iran
If you are denied like us the Turkmenistan Visa in Iran and you wish to follow the Silk Road to Uzbekistan overland, you could go back to Azerbaijan to try to catch a boat bringing you from Baku to Aktau (Kazakhstan), where many nationalities are currently benefitting from the temporary visa-free policy up to 15 days stay. Citizens from almost all nationalities require a...
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48 hours in the Alamut Valley, the undiscovered side of Iran

Travelling through Alamut Valley, Pichebon
Alamut Valley is certainly a special destination in Iran. Far away from the hellish chaos of the Iranian cities, this large piece of land (around 300 Km long) stretches from Qazvin to the Caspian Sea, in the North-Western side of Iran. Due to the remarkable altitude (it reaches over 3000 m), it can only be visited from May to October. The rest of the time, snow candidly cov...
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How to go from Yerevan to Tabriz (Iran) overland and at the cheapest fare !

How to cross from Armenia to Iran
Following the purpose of our overland trip through the Silk Road, we decided to use the cheap public transport to move from Yerevan (Armenia) to Tabriz (Iran). It indeed panned out very well ! We wish then to share step by step our experience to spread the knowledge among overland travellers. This way you won’t bump into any drawback hopefully : ) First of all, make sure yo...
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Driving in Armenia: 4 days across the mountains

Silk Road in Armenia
Armenia is really a suitable country for renting and driving a car. Here are the main favourable conditions which convincingly induced us to rent a car in Armenia to discover its remote and secret must-see: It’s relatively small (approx. 500 Km north-south) and its capital, Yerevan, stands in the middle: so you can easily move to any part of the country in few hours. ...
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3 “Day-Escapes” from Tbilisi: David Gareja, Kazbegi & Mtskheta

Given the limited territory extension of Georgia, Tbilisi perfectly works as a logistic base to visit all the Eastern part of the country. Almost all the trips may be completed in the same day, leaving early in the morning and coming back in the evening. Among the most interesting options, we singled out 3 day-trips deserving special mention in this post: Davit Gareja, Kaz...
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6 hours hike to Mtirala National Park from Batumi

Located at about 30 km from Batumi, Mtirala National Park is one of the main attractions in the region. It took us around 6 hours in total to go there, follow the 7 km path inside and return to Batumi. It is certainly an interesting experience to get acquainted with the Georgian verdant landscapes. In addition, the park is free and well taken care of. It offers various typ...
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The ultimate guide on how to get the Iranian Visa in Erzurum

In this short post we will explain you step-by-step how to get the Iranian Visa in Erzurum, Turkey. This is a helpful alternative when travelling by ground for a long time (like us) and having thus no clear idea on your trip timeline. In our case, we left from Italy for a land journey with no tickets or accommodation reserved. We were then unsure about how long the land itin...
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3 days in Cappadocia: trekking, balloon flight and other things to do

Extolled worldwide for its peculiar natural environment, Cappadocia indeed deserves special consideration and attention when thinking about a trip to Turkey. Its unique geological conditions make it a desirable pearl inside the arid Anatolian peninsula, a remarkable gem still keeping some unspeakable secrets from the mass of international tourists flowing there. Cappa...
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3 “safe” days in Istanbul: The best 30 sights

With about 15 million inhabitants, Istanbul is certainly one of the biggest metropolises in the world. And its gigantic size is reflected in the bustling, chaotic city life spread over the two sides of the Bosphorus, which overwhelmingly stretches the megalopolis across two continents. When coming and leaving by bus, we almost spent two hours to cross it, amazed by this infi...
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5 days across the Lycian way: the best moments

Lycean way
Past Rhodes and agreed to exclusively travel by ground, our Asian “baptise” could only be either in Marmaris or Fethiye, both reachable by boat from the Greek island. To get to Turkey from there, you are only offered fast catamarans (around 1h 30 crossing time) operating at unpredictable days during low and mid season (until end of April). You may wish to verify updated time...
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Paintings & Sculptures

Mica Popovic - Second Class - 1977
Here is a modest selection of art works which drew our restless attention during our visits to some museums along our creative route. Be delighted and feel free to leave a comment ! PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS SCULPTURES & INSTALLATIONS (MODERN) CLASSIC SCULPTURES
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