The ultimate guide on how to get the Iranian Visa in Erzurum

In this short post we will explain you step-by-step how to get the Iranian Visa in Erzurum, Turkey. This is a helpful alternative when travelling by ground for a long time (like us) and having thus no clear idea on your trip timeline. In our case, we left from Italy for a land journey with no tickets or accommodation reserved. We were then unsure about how long the land itin...
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Luggage packing tips for women by Bea

Woman carrying luggage in the airport
When travelling for a long trip women may require some additional preparation due to a different physiological condition. Well aware of these specific needs, I would love to share with you, girls, some tips about what to pack for a long journey to deal with, for example, the period, the hair removal or the beauty case “inventory”. In this post you will then find the general e...
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Vaccines for having a safe trip!

Once you have decided to travel around countries like Asia, be aware that it is very common to encounter diseases which either do not exist or have become rare in the country where you live. Firstly,  it is very important to make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before every trip You should go to the closer International Vaccination Center in your city, inside the ...
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Getting a travel insurance for long trips

When you decide to undertake a long trip or a trip without a return date in mind (like us), it is important to have a travel insurance. An insurance keeps you covered and protected against any drawback that you have to face in your daily, constant movements, especially  when you are travelling  to countries where you don´t  know how the Health Service works and/or you are usin...
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When to travel through the Silk Road?

The first question we asked ourselves when were planning a trip across the Silk Road was: WHEN should we start our adventure? Among all the aspects we pondered over, we definitely found crucial the weather factor. Our adventure will measure at least 8.000 km and our main target is accomplishing it only by ground transportation. We will be inevitably faced with unpredictable...
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Create your blog with WordPress

Writing Pen
You will certainly find countless articles and tutorials on the web about how to set up a blog with Wordpress. Here we just would like to modestly offer our personal, work-in-progress experience so far. We also followed and are following quite many sources and examples to try to build up our website. We now wish to report our particular challenge. First of all we were not qu...
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20 ideas to earn money while travelling

Coins and notes
There are indeed quite many travelers living on "passive incomes" during their trip. Halfway between envious and skeptical, we always curiously wonder how they can roam for years without any stable, regular job. Either they are already rich or they can generate revenue without having to depend on a fixed position. As a matter of fact, they can freely finance and enjoy their tra...
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Our route – The Silk Road

Map Silk Road
The itinerary we have imagined for our boundless trip is freely inspired by the immense Silk Road literature, which we have very partially gathered in our inspiring miscellanea. The Silk road was not a single, clearly identifiable path, but a series of different roads connecting almost all the regions between Europe and China, by land or sea. They mostly helped adventurous m...
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Best translation websites to make extra money while travelling

dictionaries for translation
While travelling for a long period, you might need to get an extra income to make your life a bit easier. Just to be clear, translations from and to the main languages are not so remunerative in general. Competition (even desperate) is high and the margins of the intermediaries tight. Fares are generally set per page or word; but also for an entire project as a lower lump sum. ...
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