General checklist

Here is a quick summary of the stuff you should check while preparing the trip: To-do-list

1. Create a Paypal account as an alternative payment channel. Also, if you are minded to write articles for other blogs or do some translations to earn extra money while travelling, you will always be requested to provide a paypal account. Free registration

2. Create a new email address to be linked to your blog and your travel accounts. It will be also useful when having to provide an email address during the trip. We would recommend a gmail account as it allows you to tie together multiple Google’s functionalities and accounts.

3. Create a Couchsurfing account in case you feel like saving some accommodation money or meeting new people. Free registration

4. Create a Blablacar account to have an alternative way to travel around Europe by car saving money and meeting people. Free registration

5. Create an Instagram account to store and share your pictures in the social network.

6. Create a Workaway account to help and meet local people in exchange of food and accommodation. 30 € registration fee for a couple for 2 years.

7. Create a Woof account to get access to volunteer opportunities in farms in exchange of food and accommodation. 15 £ fee registration per year.

8. Print a copy of all the main documents (passport, identity card, driving licence, insurance policy, etc.) to hand out for info and deposit.

9. Check your debit and credit cards to be sure you are able to pay and withdraw money in the countries you will reach.

10. Stipulate an insurance for your trip. You might be faced with very expensive bills to pay on the spot.

11. Make sure you are ok with all needed vaccins and you have your International Certificate of Vaccination updated depending the countries  you are going to visit.

12. Check if you can buy an Interrail train pass in Europe to save some money in transportation.

13. Bring with yourself any student card in order to get good discounts in museums, transport, etc.

14. Buy some credit for skype to call international phones at lower rates.

15. Buy a complete Travel Guide for your trip, either digital or paper.

16. Get some cash of the main currencies (Euros or Dollars) in case you have issues with POS and cash machines in remote places or you lose your bank cards.

17. Prepare your backpack. Pack the main needed items for your trip.

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