How to get the Azerbaijan Visa in Teheran, Iran

If you are denied like us the Turkmenistan Visa in Iran and you wish to follow the Silk Road to Uzbekistan overland, you could go back to Azerbaijan to try to catch a boat bringing you from Baku to Aktau (Kazakhstan), where many nationalities are currently benefitting from the temporary visa-free policy up to 15 days stay.

Boat from Baku (Azerbaijan) to Aktau (Kazakhstan)
Sunset from the boat crossing the Caspian Sea

Citizens from almost all nationalities require a Visa to enter Azerbaijan, apart from the following countries. For a complete overview, check the official page from the Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since 2016 the Minister of Foreign Affairs has created a new online system (evisa) to apply and get the visa through its website

The process is fairly simple and linear. However, it might take at least 6 business days to be completed.

If you are in hurry, then, the only choice you have is directly going to the consulate (which is the responsible for handling visa issuance and not the embassy) , where you may get the Visa even on the same day.

Azerbaijan Consulate in Teheran
Azerbaijan Consulate in Teheran

The procedure to get an Azerbaijan 30 days Visa in Teheran is quite straightforward:

    • Go to the consulate located in Niavaran, 14th Street.

It’s about one hour walking from the closest metro station Nobonyad. Alternatively, take a taxi. The consulate opens from 9 am to 1 pm, Saturday – Wednesday. We tried to call several times before going, but nobody picked up the phone. Here you have the direct phone number of the Azerbaijan consulate for processing the visa: 098-2122291144. Good luck !

Queue waiting for processing the Azerbaijan visa in Teheran, Iran
Queue waiting to enter the Consulate
  • Ascend the stairs to the first floor, where there is generally a small queue “directed” by a peculiar old attendant (non-English speaker).
  • Once in the office, hand to the friendly, English-speaking secretary the passport, 1 passport-type picture and a fundamental copy of your hotel reservation for the whole duration of your stay (which we did on and then cancelled). She will fill out the application form for you.
Documentation required for Azerbaijan Visa in Teheran
Documents required for Azerbaijan Visa
  • Pay 60 Euros. No other currencies accepted. Taken off guard, we had to catch a taxi which led us to the closest money exchange shop.
  • In the afternoon, at roughly 5 pm, go back to the consulate for the Visa pick-up! They will keep your passport until that time.
Azerbaijan Visa in teheran, Iran
Nomadxpress with the Azerbaijan Visa !!!

You have 60 days to enter the country starting from the day the Visa is issued. Then you have 30 days maximum stay

Thereby in Teheran the procedure is very easy and rapid. The “tricky” parts are the copy of the hotel reservation and the payment only in Euros. But getting the Visa on the same day is definitely very handy.

Please tell us about your experience in getting the Azerbaijan Visa in Teheran or other cities.

Thanks a lot ! : )


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