Inspiring miscellanea

Here you have a list of inspiring sources that nourished our travel-thirsty minds.

  • Movies and Documentaries

Here you may find a good selection from IMDB of epic travel movies.epekebok_multimedia

Into the wild and Motorcycle diaries are our favourite. You can also get inspired by movies like Wild and Tracks.

Documentaries like Bye bye Barcelona show a different point of view of the mass tourism or Kon-Tiki, a documentary film where the legendary explorer Thor Heyerdal’s crosses the Pacific Ocean (4,300 nautical miles) by raft.

  • Series

We relished the Marco Polo’s series by Netflix, showing the Venetian’s admirable adventures at Kublai Khan’s court. Season 2 expected in 2016 : )

  • Books

A selection of modern books inspiring travels:

On the road (Jack Kerouac), epic beat-generation, coast-to-coast adventure.

In Patagonia (Bruce Chatwin), Chatwin’s tale of the region he visited in 1974.

The Border trilogy (Cormac McCarthy), great cowboys’ tales.

René Leys (Victor Segalen), set in dinasty Qing’s China.

travelTamerlan (Christopher Marlowe) telling the story of the legendary Silk Road hero.

Going back to the medieval times, we cannot certainly omit the notorious The Travels of Marco Polo,

describing Polo´s travels through Asia between 1276 and 1291, and his experiences at the court of Kublai Khan.

  • Blogs

Our perception of living and working was changing when we started to read blogs and articles about the new business models and entrepreneurs’ ideas. We started more and more to discover posts related with new models of travelling and working, for instance, about passive incomes or digital nomads.

  • Next Challenge Expedition Grant

We participated in the Next Challenge Expedition Grant program organised by Tim Moss, where he was looking for an original idea about fulfilling the coveted trip. We applied for that, but unfortunately we didn’t get the prize.  This was however the first step to realize that we had to plan something awesome and start travelling to great places and connecting with deep atmospheres.

  • Travel Guide(s)

For who knows French, we recommend the Petit Futé travel guide for the Silk road. We are using it.

A classic tool is represented by the Lonely Planet guides. The downside is you will end up following the same circuit and hostels of many more travellers; the good point is you will be meeting a lot of travellers and make new friends in the same situation : ) besides the complete info in the guides. Our first purchase is SouthEastern Europe.

The Silk Road by Thomas Höllmann is a passionate historic tale about the origins of the ancient way.

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