Nomadxpress’ top 10 places and experiences in TAJIKISTAN

Entering Tajikistan through Pamir mountains
Entering Tajikistan through Pamir mountains

After a couple of weeks spent in the marvellous Tajikistan – among ones of the highest peaks in the world – we came up with the following top experiences in our touching journey. To the same extent, we have also retained the heartfelt hospitality and cheerful welcome of its native people, whose genuine spirit and long-standing traditions represent at the best the “core values” of this country.

1. WAKHAN VALLEY & LANGAR: a dusty, canyon-like route at the edge of the Afghanistan border.

Wakhan Valley
Wakhan Valley, where a small but strong river separates Tajikistan from Afghanistan along hundreds of Kilometers
Road in the Wakhan Valley - Tajikistan
Road in the Wakhan Valley

2. BULUNKUL & YASHIL-KUL: enjoy the remote quietness of the secluded hamlet at 3700 m above the sea level. Take a relaxing stroll to the adjacent, turquoise lake.

Bulunkul Village
Nice shot in Bulunkul Village
Yashil-Kul Lake
Yashil-Kul Lake

3. MURGHAB & ITS BAZAR: generally used as a logistic base for further expeditions in Pamirs, Murghab has a quite original appeal for the “Old City” and related bazaar.

View of Murghab
View of Murghab
Murghab bazaar
Murghab bazaar where the stalls are inside containers

4. SARYTAG & ISKANDERKUL (FAN MOUNTAINS): spend at least one night in Sarytag, in one of the local homestays out of the world! Relish the direct contact with the restless, always smiling kids in the village : )

Lovely children in the village – a little bit shy for the picture ; )
View of Iskanderkul at sunset

5. KARAKUL & ITS LAKE: enjoy the desert hamlet on the shore of a stunningly crystalline lake 3900 m high.

Karakul Lake
Karakul Lake
Mosque of Karakul
Mosque of Karakul

6. BARTANG VALLEY: the wildest and most astounding valley in the western Pamir. We crossed the full valley by 4×4 in three days, reaching on the way the most isolated and genuine settlements.

Bartang Valley - Tajikistan
One of the spots in the valley
Crossing Bartang valley by 4x4
Crossing the valley by 4×4

7. KUDARA & SAVNOB: small “oases” at the foot of the Bartang River, perfect to relax and spend the night in an hospitable and authentic homestay where you can try succulent local dinners.

Savnob - Small hamlet oasis on the Bartang Valley
Savnob – small oasis in the Bartang Valley
Homestay in Bartang Valley
Homestay in Bartang Valley

8. BORDER WITH CHINA: an almost unnoticed and abandoned “Soviet” fence separates Tajikistan and China for many kilometers on the eastern, barren side of Pamirs. You could even sneak in if you dare…

Tajikistan - Chinese border
“Open door” between China and Tajikistan border
Tajikistan - Chinese border
Peculiar cemetery next to the Chinese border

9. TAKING A BATH IN BIBI FATIMA HOT SPRINGS, a popular destination among locals and tourists in the Wakhan Valley (between Iskashim and Langar). The place lies around one kilometer beyond the ruins of the impressive YAMCHUM FORT, built on the top of an overlooking cliff  and considered a key point to check the traffic of the SILK ROAD trade.

Bibi Fatima Spring - Tajikistan
Bibi Fatima Spring is situated in the middle of the mountains
Yamchum fort
Yamchum fort, on the top of the mountain

10. CAMPING IN GORNO-BADAKHSHAN AUTONOMOUS OBLAST (GBAO): one of the most meaningful experiences to appreciate the imposing view of the Pamir mountains and the soothing sound of the surrounding rivers.

Pamir mountains
One of the best views of the Pamir mountains
Camping in Bartang River
Camping at the foot of the Pamir mountains

All in all, Tajikistan is an astonishing country replete with glorious sights at remarkable altitudes. Regardless you move by taxi, private vehicle or hitchhiking (public transport is almost absent), you will be spellbound by the still tangible auhenticity of the dusty itineraries (most of the roads are still unpaved) and the pure candor of the small villages scattered around the mountains and providing very basic food and facilities : )

One of the glorious sights in the country

Please share your genuine adventures in Tajikistan with us !!

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  1. Susan says:

    Sorry to desillusioniert you,
    but the fence near the Pamirhighway is not the Chinese border – the Chinese built it 50 km inland from the border itself.

    1. nomadXpress says:

      Really Susan? So, nearly there 🙂

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